"Another View of the Tulsa Race Riot" -- A Lecture Here at TU by Herb Boyd

Sep 13, 2017

On this edition of ST, we speak with Herb Boyd, an award-winning journalist and historian who's also the author of several books on black history and activism, including biographies of James Baldwin and Sugar Ray Robinson; his latest book is a remarkable 300-year history of African-American life and politics in his hometown of Detroit. Boyd, who now teaches at the City College of New York, will be giving a free-to-the-public lecture tonight, the 12th, at 7pm here at TU. The lecture is entitled "Another View of the Tulsa Race Riot," and it will happen in Tyrrell Hall. Boyd's lecture will look at the Tulsa Race Riot in the context of American civil disorder, and it will also draw upon the life and reflections of one Harry Haywood, an activist who was a member of the pioneering African Blood Brotherhood...and who may or may not have witnessed the landmark 1921 tragedy firsthand.