The Best of StudioTulsa in 2009: Barbara Bradley Hagerty, NPR's Religion Correspondent

Tulsa, Oklahoma – (Note: This program originally aired earlier this year.) We live, of course, in an age of truly incredible, increasingly rapid scientific advancement. So, can science explain the Almighty? And if it cannot do so today --- will it be able to someday? On this edition of StudioTulsa, we speak with Barbara Bradley Hagerty, NPR's award-winning religion correspondent. Her fascinating new book is called "Fingerprints of God: The Search for the Science of Spirituality." Thoughtful, detailed, fair-minded, far-reaching, and entirely accessible, this account has much in common with Hagerty's longtime faith-related reportage for National Public Radio. It's a book that anyone even remotely curious about the relation between God and science --- or, if you prefer, between our souls and our brains --- won't want to miss. As a reviewer in The Washington Post has noted: "In another writer's hands, much of the material in this book might have become fodder for ridicule.... But throughout the book, one is struck by the humility Hagerty brings to her subject --- something lacking in many contemporary debates over the meaning of faith and the existence of God --- and her skepticism about the science offered up as proof of spiritual experience. Hagerty's engaging book poses a provocative challenge to anyone who has ever wondered where faith comes from, and what it can do for --- and to --- us."