"Finding the Proper Balance Between Religion and Politics"

Tulsa, OK – On this edition of ST, we're talking about the ever-debatable divide between church and state in America. Yes, this divide is a key notion in the American Constitution, and a key facet, perhaps, of the American character. But where does this divide reside? Where should the actual line be drawn? Our guest is Rob Boston, a noted advocate of the separation between church and state who's been the Assistant Director of Communications for Americans United for Separation of Church and State in the past (and where he is now a Senior Policy Analyst); he's also been the Assistant Editor of Church & State magazine since 1987. Indeed, Boston has written a few books on the subject, and he will deliver a free-to-the-public lecture here in Tulsa --- entitled "Piety, Policy, and the 'Christian Nation' Myth: Finding the Proper Balance Between Religion and Politics" --- on Thursday night (the 8th) at 7pm. Mr. Boston's address will happen at the Phillips Theological Seminary, at 901 N. Mingo Road, and it's sponsored by the Tulsa Interfaith Alliance and the Northeast Oklahoma Chapter of Americans United. Also on our show today, commentator Ian Shoales is thinking about pepper spray, tomato sauce, and other such crucial ingredients that can be found in today's American politics.