Meet Paul Lewicki, CEO of StatSoft, a Tulsa-Based Company Aiming to Help Greece, Portugal, and Spain

Dec 14, 2012

Our guest on this edition of ST is Dr. Paul Lewicki, the CEO of StatSoft, a Tulsa-based company (established in 1984 as a partnership of a group of university professors and scientists) that makes business-analytical software, and that now has 30 offices worldwide. Recently, Dr. Lewicki issued a remarkable challenge --- he wrote an open letter to software CEOs across the US, urging them to provide free software to the three countries that have been especially hard-hit by the ongoing Eurozone crisis: Greece, Portugal, and Spain. Basically, StatSoft itself is offering free Enterprise Software to these economically-struggling countries --- and is likewise asking other countries to do the same. (You can read the actual letter here.) Dr. Lewicki talks to us about why he felt compelled to write this letter, and about what he hopes to accomplish (or at least instigate) by writing it. He also talks about his many years as a cognitive psychologist on the faculty here at the University of Tulsa --- and about how his work at/for StatSoft has grown out of this earlier academic work.