TPS Board Delays Vote on District Office Job Cuts

Feb 14, 2020

The Tulsa Public Schools Board decided to wait until Tuesday to vote on a recommendation to eliminate 174 district office jobs.

The board did not give a specific reason for delaying their vote after a roughly four-hour special meeting Thursday night.

District office restructuring was a major piece of Superintendent Deborah Gist's recommendations to close a $20 million budget gap. Gist said in January the district office was a common target for cuts in community budget meetings.

"And that's where the community told us to start, where we were committed to starting, and that's where most of it is coming from," Gist said.

Gist's plan calls for 110 jobs ranging from accounting technician to warehouse worker to be cut July 1 and the rest, all custodian positions, to be eliminated through attrition.

Of the jobs that would be cut July 1, 77 are currently filled.

The overall restructuring plan calls for another 58 positions to be defunded, leading to a net savings of $5 million to $6.1 million.