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Consisting of mostly journalism, but an entertaining kind of journalism that is built around a plot, the weekly public radio program and podcast This American Life puts together stories that focus on a different weekly theme on 89.5-1. The show features stories that have compelling people at the center of them, funny moments, big feelings, surprising plot twists, and interesting ideas. Like little movies for radio.

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As you know, it’s been five years since new episodes of Car Talk have been produced, and the Best of Car Talk program ceases distribution this month. While there is no replacing our beloved Click and Clack, we will be moving an EQUALLY riotous program into the Saturday noon timeslot:  Wait, Wait…Don’t Tell Me

Stephen Colbert's Secret Girlfriend

Oct 19, 2015


Ira Glass of This American Life recently made an appearance on Stephen Colbert's new TV show - which you never saw!

Colbert said some funny things about pledge drives.  He LOVES the pledge drive.

Does this seem strange to you? Watch what he said:

“One of America’s most prickly and most delicious, young comic talents.”The Washington Post

Between May 12 and May 29, tickets are on sale only to Public Radio Tulsa members. Use the code on the postcard that members receive for a 10% discount on tickets. Meet David after the show for a special book signing.

Tickets go on sale to the general public on May 30. Call the Tulsa Performing Arts Center box office at (918) 596-7111.

Ira Glass Comes to Tulsa

May 9, 2012

Live radio on the big screen? Yes! Thursday at 7 pm in This American Life's "You Can't Do That on The Radio", a celebration of visuals and music, dance, and comedy. Learn More | Buy Tickets

Ira Glass Exposes The 10% Mystery

Apr 20, 2012

Imagine filling your grocery store basket, sampling the goods along the aisles as you browse. Then waltzing out the door without paying. And doing this day after day. Every once in a while, you see someone drop a few dollars in a box near the entrance, but not often. Listen as Ira Glass exposes this befuddling business model.

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An email received from This American Life producer Ira Glass.

I’m writing to tell you that tonight, This American Life and Marketplace will reveal that a story that we broadcast on This American Life this past January contained significant fabrications.