Meet the Bestselling YA Author (and Hugely Popular Blogger and Vlogger) John Green

Tulsa, Oklahoma – On today's show, we chat with John Green, the young Indiana-based author and video-blogger whose three books (thus far) have all been award-winning bestsellers, and whose on-line postings and videos are routinely read and watched by thousands. Green's newest book, "Paper Towns," is just out in paperback. He speaks with our host Rich Fisher about this book (both its plot and its real-life source material), and about his phenomenally successful video blog project of 2007, Brotherhood 2.0, which later became the site known as In a starred review in Booklist, one critic wrote that "Paper Towns" is "not only clever and wonderfully witty but also deeply thoughtful and insightful." Also on today's program, our commentator Jeff Martin has some overlapping thoughts on sentimentality, personal relationships, and the "Dick Tracy" comic strip.