Oklahomans Pick Joe Biden in Democratic Primary

Mar 4, 2020

Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks with attendees at the 2019 Presidential Gun Sense Forum in Des Moines, Iowa.
Credit Gage Skidmore

Former Vice President Joe Biden won Oklahoma’s Democratic presidential primary on Super Tuesday, building on momentum from a dominant victory in South Carolina and last-minute endorsements from two former opponents.

Nearly 30% of eligible voters cast ballots in the Democratic primary. Tulsa County Democratic Party Chair Amanda Swope said they’ll need more of that turnout in November.

"Honestly, I think that just the direction people want to see America go, that will keep the energy going. I think people are kind of tired of all the nitpicking and the fighting on both sides of the aisle, not just on the Republican or the Democratic side," Swope said.

Biden took 39% of the vote statewide. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders came in second with 25%, while former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg got almost 14% and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren finished with 13%.

Biden did slightly worse and the other candidates did a bit better in Tulsa County.

"I think that the primary is what allows people to vote with their conscience and vote with their personal choice and things like that, but no candidate's going to be perfect," Swope said.

After Super Tuesday, Biden has 453 delegates and Sanders has 382. Warren is next with 50. Candidates need 1,991 for the nomination.

President Donald Trump won the Oklahoma Republican primary with 93% of the vote.