StudioTulsa on Health: A Conversation with Dr. Julie Silver

Aug 20, 2013

On this installment of StudioTulsa on Health, we welcome Dr. Julie Silver, an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. She's also a prolific medical author and blogger, and her books include "What Helped Get Me Through: Cancer Survivors Share Wisdom and Hope" (American Cancer Society) and "After Cancer Treatment: Heal Faster, Better, Stronger" (Johns Hopkins Press). But she's not just a cancer expert, she's also a survivor --- following her acute treatment for cancer while still in her thirties, Dr. Silver decided to dedicate her career to helping others heal. (She's received many awards for her work, including the most prestigious honor bestowed by the American Cancer Society: The Lane Adams Quality of Life Award.) Finally, Dr. Silver is the creator --- as she tells our guest host, Dr. John Henning Schumann, on today's program --- of the so-called STAR Program, as in "Survivorship, Training, And Rehabilitation," which is a nationally recognized cancer survivorship certification focused on improving the lives of survivors suffering from side-effects caused by cancer treatments. Tulsa's St. John Health System adopted the STAR Program earlier this summer. (For more about Dr. Julie Silver, please see her personal website; for more about the STAR Program in general, please go here. And to learn more about the STAR Program at St. John [here in our community] please visit this link.)