The Tulsa Little Theatre Will Soon Offer Shelby Simpson's "Bad in Bed Live"

Jul 29, 2019

Our guest on this edition of ST is the OKC-based travel and humor writer, Shelby Simpson. She's the author of a book on travel called "Good Globe," but it's her more recent book, "We're All Bad in Bed," a raunchy retelling of epic bedroom and intimacy failures, that has led to a live show which will appear in Tulsa soon. "Bad in Bed Live" is an unusual book-reading event featuring 1990s hip-hop, dancers, multi-media effects, and audience participation. Simpson brings the stories of her book to life in a performance piece for adult audiences that sold out six shows at Oklahoma City's Tower Theatre last summer. The show now comes to the Tulsa Little Theatre on August 1st, 2nd, and 3rd as it embarks on a regional mini-tour.