The Art of the Film: A Discussion of the Distinctive, Ornately Detailed Cinema of Wes Anderson

Jun 4, 2014

On this edition of ST, a discussion of the distinctive films of writer/director Wes Anderson, whose vivid, detailed, and meticulously crafted movies include "Rushmore," "The Royal Tenenbaums," "The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou," and "Moonrise Kingdom" --- as well as "The Grand Budapest Hotel," which is still in theaters nationwide. Our guest is Matt Zoller Seitz, a critic for New York magazine who has a new book out about Anderson's decidedly ornate cinematic world. That book is "The Wes Anderson Collection" --- and as a critic for Filter has noted: "Each page of this book --- filled with conversations, photographs, and artwork surrounding each film --- showcases Anderson's pop-culture inspirations from Hitchcock and 'Star Wars' to Jacques Cousteau and the French New Wave. Better than most of their kind, the talks [between Seitz and Anderson] reveal a candidness and honesty between critic and director, allowing Seitz to dig around Anderson's vault and share his discoveries." Seitz will be reading from and signing copies of this book at a free-to-the-public Book Smart Tulsa event at the Philbrook Museum of Art tomorrow, Thursday the 5th, at 6pm. It'll be a rather multifaceted gala with live music, costumes, a lecture on Anderson's films, and so on --- then, after the Philbrook event concludes, there will be a special screening of "Bottle Rocket" (Anderson's first film) at the Circle Cinema at 8:30pm. And Seitz will introduce this screening.