Coming Soon to Downtown Tulsa: The Bob Dylan Center

Jul 26, 2018

On this edition of ST, we speak once again with Michael Chaiken, the curator of the Tulsa-based Bob Dylan Archive, which is currently located at the University of Tulsa's Helmerich Center for American Research at Gilcrease Museum, and which houses some 6,000 items related to Dylan's life and career in music -- nearly six decades of writings, recordings, memorabilia, film, and more. This facility is meant for researchers and scholars; it is not open to the public. However, as Chaiken tells us today, the newly announced Bob Dylan Center -- expected to open in 2021 in the Tulsa Arts District -- will indeed serve as the "public face" of the Dylan Archive. Chaiken also tells us about the well-regarded, Seattle-based architectural firm Olson Kundig, which has been selected to design The Bob Dylan Center, and about an upcoming presentation that he (Chaiken) will be giving in Tulsa on Sunday afternoon, the 29th, regarding "Tarantula," the experimental, stream-of-consciousness prose poetry book that Dylan wrote in the middle 1960s.