Mental Health Association Oklahoma Launches Virtual Support Groups

Mar 23, 2020

Mental Health Association Oklahoma launched free, virtual support groups on Monday.

The groups themselves are not new, but offering them via Zoom videoconferencing is.

"Because of social distancing, we were not going to be able to host our support groups in person. And so, we started looking at alternative ways to achieve the same purpose and the same intention without meeting in person," said MHAOK Director of Outreach, Prevention and Education Rebecca Hubbard.

Groups are available at a variety of days and times for a range of needs, including anxiety, depression and post traumatic stress disorder.

MHAOK is already talking about virtual support groups’ potential for a post-pandemic world.

"Because it does open up to a lot of our rural citizens that would otherwise not have a support group. And so, we’re looking at that long-term as well, potentially," Hubbard said.

People looking to join a support group must sign up first by visiting MHAOK's website or calling 918-585-1213.

There are dial-in options for people who don’t have a device that supports the videoconferencing app Zoom.