Stickwork-Artist Patrick Dougherty Explains His Engaging Sculptural Work

Mar 23, 2018

Our guest on StudioTulsa is internationally acclaimed "stickwork" artist Patrick Dougherty who is currently creating one of his trademark architecturally inspired sculptures made entirely of willow saplings. It's the latest offering from the Tulsa Urban Core Art Project which has brought a series of temporary public art installations to locations around Tulsa's downtown. This latest project being created at the Centennial Green park at 6th and Boston, is the work of North Carolina artist Patrick Dougherty whose work has graced art museums, sculptural gardens, parks, and botanic gardens throughout the U-S, Europe and Asia. Dougherty weaves hundreds of saplings into architecturally inspired geometric designs, mazes, and whimsical structures, some as tall as eighteen feet tall. He joins us to talk about his 289th installation, "Prairie Schooners".