Tulsa Regional Tourism Rolls out Programs to Support Film, Music Industries

Sep 9, 2020

Credit File photo

Tulsa Regional Tourism has launched programs to help the local film and music industries during the coronavirus pandemic.

Productions filming in Tulsa County can apply to the $90,000 Tulsa County Film Recovery Program for help with costs related to COVID-19. Tulsa Office of Film, Music, Arts and Culture Executive Director Abby Kurin said they’ve already approved an application from a feature film and are considering one from a cable network for a pilot.

"Down the road in the fall, we have three potential feature films as well as then a couple of different shorts from other universities. And the idea is we just want people to get back to work but make sure that it’s done safely," Kurin said.

There’s also Play Tulsa Music, a $150,000 fund music venues, bars, hotels and other places can tap for up to half the cost of hiring local musicians for live performances.

"The whole main purpose is to get $150,000 out the door and paying our local musicians," Kurin said.

Tulsa Regional Tourism President Ray Hoyt said supporting creative endeavors plays a key role in economic development efforts.

"It’s why Tesla picked Austin. Austin wasn’t Austin 20 years ago. So, if we don’t harbor and create opportunity for the creative class, then we’re not going to be the city of the future," Hoyt said.

The programs are funded through federal coronavirus relief dollars awarded by Tulsa County.