An Upcoming Workshop at the Fly Loft in Downtown Tulsa: "The Art of Street Performance"

Jun 26, 2014

On this edition of our show, we're talking about buskers --- or, in other words, street performers. Whether it's by juggling, playing music, eating fire, doing magic tricks, enacting mime, or what-have-you, buskers take their creativity, theatricality, and pass-the-hat know-how directly to the streets, as it were --- and, as a socio-cultural phenomenon, they must be as old as cities themselves. Our guest is actor-turned-busker Richard Renner, artistic director of the Lawrence Busker Festival in Lawrence, Kansas, who will facilitate a  workshop on "The Art of Street Performance" here in Tulsa on Saturday the 28th at 9am; this event will happen at Fly Loft, at 117 North Boston, and it's a part of the SummerStage Fringe Festival. As Renner tells us, he'll also oversee a special Busker Night --- a fun-filled, decidedly interactive evening of street performers wandering in and around the Guthrie Green in Downtown Tulsa --- on Friday, July 11th. Also on today's program, commentator Barry Friedman tells us all about his doctor: Jerry. (Not "Dr. Jerry," mind you --- just "Jerry.")