A Conversation with Ray Vandiver, Executive Director of Tulsa Children's Museum

Jan 8, 2013

On this edition of ST, we speak with Dr. Ray Vandiver, the recently named (and very first) executive director of Tulsa Children's Museum (TCM). This facility has existed for the past few years as a "museum without walls" in our community, delivering performances and hands-on experiences to thousands of schoolchildren. But TCM has now entered a new phase; that is, it has signed a contract with the City of Tulsa whereby the Owen Park Recreation Center will be converted into a dynamic, state-of-the-art Discovery Lab, a children's museum / discovery center to be opened in the spring of this year, and to be operated by the TCM as an ever-changing environment of activities and exhibits for children of all ages (and their families). Dr. Vandiver, who originally hails from Missouri but was previously employed at the prestigious Oregon Museum of Science and Industry in Portland, tells us about his background and training as a museum professional, as well as his plans and goals for the forthcoming Discovery Center. He also talks about his own passions for education, play, wonder, and experience-based learning and development. (You can learn more about the Discovery Center here, and you will find a short, biography-driven interview with Dr. Vandiver at this link.)