A Conversation with Basil Twist, the Acclaimed Puppeteer and Theater Artist

Feb 8, 2017

On this edition of StudioTulsa, an interesting chat with Basil Twist, the New York City-based puppeteer who was a MacArthur genius grant recipient in 2015. He has been universally acclaimed for his puppet-related design, construction, choreography, staging, and other work on productions such as "Symphonie Fantastique," "Dogugaeshi," "Red Beads", "Petrushka," "Hansel and Gretel," "Master Peter's Puppet Show," and so on. Twist is currently in town to work on the upcoming Tulsa Ballet production of "Dorothy and the Prince of Oz," which will have its world premiere on Friday the 10th at the Tulsa PAC. Twist brings us up to speed on what he's creating for this special new show while also telling us about his remarkable, wide-ranging, and still-developing career.