"Home, James" --- A Cinematic Valentine to the City of Tulsa --- Now Playing at the Circle

May 22, 2014

On this installment of ST, we listen back to an interview we did about a year ago with Jonathan Rossetti, who directed, stars in, and co-scripted "Home, James," a newly released indie feature film that was made here in T-Town...and that's now (or was recently) playing --- thanks to a distribution deal with Devolver Digital Films --- in New York City, Los Angeles, Portland, and the aforesaid Tulsa; "Home, James" will be screened at the Circle Cinema (near the corner of Admiral and Lewis) through May 29th. Rossetti, a Tulsa native now based in Los Angeles, tells us why he wanted to make this film, how he raised the money to do so, and where he himself learned about directing and acting in movies. As one critic, writing for The New York Times, as noted of this film and its Tulsa roots: "The movie is clearly a valentine to the city.... The film is punctuated with local landmarks and the soundtrack has a regional flavor; Mr. Rossetti's use of split screens also smartly suggests the different directions his characters are taking." Also on our show today, commentator Connie Cronley has nothing but praise and appreciation for ("crack!" --- "what a throw!" --- "the crowd goes wild!") listening to a baseball game on the radio.