Now at ahha: "The Trayectorias" by Artist Fred Villanueva

Jan 29, 2021

Our guest is the Dallas-based artist Fred Villanueva, whose exhibition titled "The Trayectorias" (or "the trajectory," or "the path") is on view at ahha in downtown Tulsa through February 21st. This show, per the ahha website, "presents past artistic explorations that Villanueva has re-mixed to create new paintings, drawings, and installations. Drawing on Mexican traditions of 'Altares' (Altars) and folkloric dance, Villanueva's series of installations bring together a cohesive vision of a seemingly disjointed world...and suggest a hidden, surrealist world beyond what is immediately visible.... Villanueva strives to find unity and common ground among contemporary indigenous art forms that honor tribal traditions in a post-colonial world."