Now on View at 108 Contemporary in the Brady Arts District: "Innovators and Legends"

Feb 11, 2015

The 108 Contemporary gallery in the Brady Arts District in downtown Tulsa opened a new exhibit this past weekend that focuses on the growth and development of fiber art in America from roughly the 1950s onward. The show -- called "Innovators and Legends" -- runs through March 22nd. Our guest on ST is the curator for this exhibit, Geary Jones, who is himself a well-regarded fiber artist. As Jones explains, "Innovators and Legends" is meant to appeal to both newcomers and experts, to those who are unfamiliar with fiber art in America as well as those who know it, appreciate it, practice it, and maybe even collect it. It's also a carefully selected assemblage of works that documents the ongoing transformation of fiber art in this country -- and, indeed, around the world -- from the functional and decorative to the innovative and experimental. Highly acclaimed artists on view in this show include, to name but a few, Katherine Westphal, Gerhardt Knodel, Ted Hallman, Arturo Alonzo Sandoval, Tom Lundberg, and Nancy Crow.