The Past, and How We Regard the Past: Considering the Official Report of Trump's "1776 Commission"

Jan 22, 2021

It's well-known that Americans today -- in so many cases, if not in most cases -- inhabit completely different worlds when it comes to acquiring news and daily information. But do we also have completely different understandings of our country's history? On this edition of ST, we're discussing the official report of the "1776 Commission." This report was released by the Trump Administration on Monday of this week...and then removed from the White House website two days later by the newly-incumbent Biden Administration. The report, per The New York Times, is a "sweeping attack on liberal thought and activism that calls for a 'patriotic education,' defends America's founding on the basis of slavery, and likens progressivism to fascism. President Trump formed the commission in September, saying that American heritage was under assault by revolutionary fanatics and that the nation's schools required a new 'pro-American' curriculum." Our guest is Dr. Brian Hosmer, head of the Department of History at Oklahoma State University.