State Cautions Reopening Business To Flush Taps Before Using Water

May 4, 2020

The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality is warning that there may be more health hazards in reopening businesses than just the coronavirus.

The department has issued guidelines for businesses that have been closed, or even just using less water than usual, due to the pandemic, urging them to flush taps to avoid using water that may have been tainted by corrosion or bacteria, like the kind that could cause Legionnaire's Disease.

"Or, it could have lower, possibly even undetectable levels of disinfectant. And, obviously, we know having your water disinfected is really important," said Erin Hatfield, a DEQ spokesperson.

"This is a really imporant issue," Hatfield said, "and we hope that people do what they can to ensure they're serving good, quality water."

Hatfield encouraged business owners and operators with further questions to view the department's fact sheet or contact a licensed plumber.