TU's 2018 Graves Cyber Security Distinguished Lecture to Be Given by Susan Landau

Mar 7, 2018

On this installment of StudioTulsa, our guest is the well-regarded cyber security expert, Susan Landau of Tufts University. She will soon give the 2018 Graves Cyber Security Distinguished Lecture here at TU; her talk begins at 7pm tomorrow night (the 8th) in the Alan Chapman Student Union. Her talk carries the same title as her latest book, "Listening In: Cyber Security in an Insecure Age." As Prof. Landau explains, the same sorts of digital networks that make ride-on-demand services like Uber possible (and omnipresent) also allow power-grid operators to control a whole country's electricity -- and these new forms of tech have brought along new threats and real concerns. (You can learn more about Prof. Landau's upcoming appearance at TU at this link.)