"Children of the Civil Rights" -- A Documentary Film to Be Shown at TU

Feb 11, 2016

On this edition of our show, we learn about a documentary film that will be screened tonight (Thursday the 11th) in Helmerich Hall on the TU campus. The screening is free to the public, and it will also feature a panel discussion; it begins at 7pm. The film is "Children of the Civil Rights," and our guest is Julia Clifford, who directed it. As noted of this film at the "Children of the Civil Rights" website: "No one knew a group of children in Oklahoma City were heroes; not even the children themselves. [This] documentary film tells their story.... For six years, Oklahoma City kids conduct sit-ins with their youth adviser, Clara Luper. They start in 1958, a year and a half before the Greensboro, North Carolina, sit-ins. In 1960, whites join [them]...and together, the group demonstrates until 1964, when the Civil Rights Act takes place. It never gets violent, it never really makes national news, but just about every restaurant in Oklahoma City desegregates before the Civil Rights Act [actually] becomes law." You can learn more about tonight's free screening of this film at TU at this link.