The First-Ever TU Arts & Humanities Festival: Coming Soon to the Lorton Performance Center

Apr 28, 2014

On this edition of our show, we speak with Professor Sean Latham of the University of Tulsa. He's the Chair of the Faculty of English; he's also the Walter Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Editor of James Joyce Quarterly, and Director of the newly created Oklahoma Center for the Humanities (which is based here at TU). Tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday the 29th) at TU's Lorton Performance Center, from 1pm till 5pm, the Oklahoma Center for the Humanities will present a free-to-the-public TU Arts & Humanities Festival, which is a multi-faceted celebration of student works in the visual arts, dance, film, fiction, poetry, theatre, and more. As Prof. Latham tells us, this special event represents a first-of-its-kind gathering of the various arts and humanities disciplines here at the University. You can learn more about tomorrow's festival at this link.