Notes on Oscar Wilde, "Earnest," Science Fiction, "The Critic as Artist," and the TU College of Law

Nov 7, 2013

Oscar Wilde is now rolling into Tulsa, so to speak, in a big way. On Friday night, the 8th, Theatre Tulsa will premiere a new adaptation of Wilde's classic play, "The Importance of Being Earnest" (which will run through November 17th at the Liddy Doenges Theatre in the Tulsa Performing Arts Center) --- and today and tomorrow, the 7th and 8th, the TU College of Law will host a free-to-the-public academic conference, "Oscar Wilde and the Law," at the John Rogers Hall on the TU campus. (Incidentally, Merlin Holland, the grandson of Oscar Wilde, will give the keynote address at "Oscar Wilde and the Law" today at 12:15pm; Mr. Holland will also be a special guest at the opening performance for "Earnest" tomorrow night. Our guest on ST is Clayton B. Hodges, a Tulsa-born, NYU-trained, Los Angeles-based professional actor and director, who is directing Theatre Tulsa's new "Earnest" production, which he himself has converted into a futuristic, neo-Victorian, Steampunk adaptation. (You can learn more about this show, including ticket details and curtain times, at this link.) Hodges will also be on a panel at the aforesaid TU College of Law conference, and he'll present a dramatic interpretation of Wilde's classic essay, "The Critic as Artist," on Sunday the 10th at two different venues --- at 2pm, he'll perform the piece at The Philbrook of Museum of Art (in a staging that's free with museum admission), and then at 7pm, Hodges will perform "The Critic as Artist" at the Tulsa PAC. Also on today's show, commentator Barry Friedman offers the third and final installment of his "Daughter Goes to Oregon" travelogue.