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  • "Outstanding.... Garcia's book uses rich storytelling and insightful reporting to uncover not only the long history of how autistic people have been mistreated but also how they continue to be ignored.... [This] is exactly the book we need to lead the way in changing the autism conversation. It belongs on the shelf next to 'NeuroTribes' as essential reading on autism and neurodiversity." -- The Washington Post
  • "Arriving at the exact right moment, [this book] charts the course of the region by digging deeply into its history. Lim deftly weaves her way through the ages, arriving at our current time, all the while capturing Hong Kong's soul inside the book's pages." -- Newsweek
  • "[The] longest, meatiest and most probing essays and articles presented here share the lasting power of Klay's acclaimed fiction.... [When] read together, [these pieces] amount to an interwoven, evolving, and revealing examination of Klay's central topic: What it means for a country always at war, that so few of its people do the fighting." -- James Fallows, The New York Times Book Review
  • A guidebook that, per Kirkus Reviews, is "inherently intriguing, even for those lucky people not looking to lose weight."
  • "Finally, a book that honors the many subtle and important cues we send each other every day. Van Edwards shares a detailed road map for understanding others and leveraging these powerful signals." -- Ximena Vengoechea, author of "Listen Like You Mean It"
  • "Looking at art through Amy Herman's lens gives us a powerful new perspective to envision our problems and craft concrete solutions." -- Col. Christopher Costa, U.S. Army, (Ret.)
  • Bowman's book aims to get kids as well as their families moving more, and moving better, and doing so together (ideally while outside).
  • "Regardless of your age, fitness level, or science acumen, [this is] an inspiring and engaging read. Dr. Heisz effectively explains the evidence behind the brain-boosting effects of exercise and how everyone can and should move their body to reap the benefits." -- Lynn Posluns, president of Women's Brain Health Initiative
  • "Always an astute cultural observer and a fan of deep dives into any subject, Klosterman is focused here on...seizing on those moments that any Gen Xer can readily recall and pulling the strings a bit to put it in some kind of historical perspective." -- Associated Press
  • "An engaging book on the science of encouraging other people to say yes." -- Adam Grant, host of the TED podcast "WorkLife"