From the ST Archives: The Rise and Fall of Elizabeth Holmes

Aug 31, 2021

On this edition of ST, we revisit our interview with John Carreyrou, a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter with The Wall Street Journal. In early 2020, we spoke with Carreyrou about "Bad Blood," his book about the bogus Silicon Valley blood-testing start-up known as Theranos...and about the charismatic young CEO of Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes, who at one point seemed to be taking the world by storm a la Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates. Holmes has been charged by federal prosecutors (along with her former business partner and ex-boyfriend, "Sunny" Balwani) with defrauding investors and patients by way of false claims about their company, which they had said would revolutionize lab testing and, indeed, all of medicine. Jury selection in the criminal fraud trial of Holmes begins today. (After a jury is chosen, opening arguments are scheduled to start on September 8th.) Also on our show today, a reflective, sobering commentary from Mark Darrah: "Jackie's Bloody Dress: Part I."