Taking a Close Look at the ImpactTulsa 2016 Community Impact Report

Mar 6, 2017

On this edition of ST, we're talking about the nonprofit collective known as ImpactTulsa, which began in 2014, and which (per its website) aims to "improve education for every child. Our partnership includes [several dozens of] leaders from education, business, philanthropic, nonprofit, civic, and faith communities who all believe education is the key to the prosperity of our community." Our guest is Kathy Seibold, the executive director of ImpactTulsa, who tells us about her organzation's recently released Community Impact Report for 2016. This report reveals recent trends -- some of them quite encouraging -- in regard to kindergarten-level reading readiness, third-grade reading proficiency, middle school math ability, high school graduation, and post-secondary enrollment. The data for this in-depth report, which we focus on today on our show, is based on findings from 15 different Tulsa-area school districts.