Tulsa-Based Artist Scott Hurst Offers a New Show at the Liggett Studio

Feb 7, 2019

On this edition of ST, an in-depth chat with Scott Hurst, a longtime artist on the Tulsa scene who will soon present a new exhibition of his work at the Liggett Studio in downtown Tulsa (at 314 So. Kenosha). "Playtime > Discoveries" will feature paintings, collages, and prints that Hurst has created over the past 30 years or so -- many (but not all) of them in the abstract mode. The show opens on Friday the 8th and runs through March 2nd; more info is posted at LiggettStudio.com. As we learn today, although Hurst was a mainstay amid the galleries of Tulsa throughout the 1980s and '90s, this new show is actually his first in a decade.