Indie Films

On this edition of ST, we learn about Arab Film Fest Tulsa, which opens tomorrow (10/21) at Circle Cinema here in Tulsa and runs through Sunday (10/24). A joint presentation of Tulsa Artist Fellowship, Circle Cinema, and Mizna, an Arab American arts/cultural organization based in Minnesota, this festival will offer several feature-length movies (as well as a few shorts) of Southwest Asian or North African (as in, "SWANA") origin.

On this edition of ST, we offer an another installment in the Museum Confidential podcast series, which is a co-production of Philbrook Museum of Art and Public Radio Tulsa. This time out, MC connects with the legendary musician, painter, actor, and director, John Lurie, who might be best known as a co-founder of the Lounge Lizards, the jazz/avant/indie band that thrived on the 1980s "downtown scene" in NYC. He's also acted in many films, including "Stranger than Paradise" and "Down by Law," and has composed and/or performed music for nearly two dozen TV and film works over the years.