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Tulsa, Oklahoma – The Tulsa County numbers are staggering! 25,230 crisis line calls .2,800 people seeking protective orders .443 victims of rape and sexual assault . 2,012 perpetrators of domestic violence .. 1,576 survivors of domestic violence. Those are the totals for last year from Domestic Violence Intervention Services.

Tulsa, Oklahoma –
The US Attorney for the northern district of Oklahoma is hospitalized in Texas. 57-year-old David O'Meilia became ill while traveling and sought medical attention in Dallas. Sources tells KWGS News that he is not suffering from the swine flu and his travels have not taken him to Mexico.

O'Meilia was appointed as the U.S. Attorney for the northern district of Oklahoma by former president George W. Bush in 2001.

Salvation Army

Tulsa, Oklahoma – The kitchen at the Salvation Army's Center of Hope on North Denver in downtown Tulsa! That smell is cat-fish being cooked in a large deeper fryer. For lunch Mary, the food manager, is expecting 350-people. She says with every meal the line gets longer. The line snakes out the cafeteria door. It runs down the hallway to the back door.