Getting to Know WellOK -- the Nonprofit "Northeastern Oklahoma Business Coalition on Health"

Jan 6, 2016

On this edition of StudioTulsa on Health, we learn about a non-profit called WellOK, which was formed in 2014, and which bills itself as "the Northeastern Oklahoma Business Coalition on Health." It's a coalition of 17 locally based organizations, including businesses large and small that purchase healthcare as well as government and philanthropic organizations. WellOK -- as noted at its website -- endeavors to meet these three goals: "to achieve better care for each of our employees and families and better health for all in our community, all at the best possible cost; to make our community more attractive to growth by offering high-value healthcare; and to make quality and price fully transparent so each of us may be the wisest purchaser of healthcare." Our guest is the President & CEO of WellOK, Dr. Stanley Schwartz.