Still She Rises: Bringing a "Holistic Defense" Approach to Assisting the Mothers of North Tulsa

Feb 12, 2018

Women are the fastest-growing prison population group in the United States today -- and the State of Oklahoma, tragically, puts women in prison at twice the national rate. On this edition of ST, we check in with the non-profit organization known as Still She Rises, a public defender office based here in our community that's dedicated to representing North Tulsa mothers within the criminal justice system. Still She Rises, which began operations in Tulsa about a year ago, grew out of a similar group in NYC known as The Bronx Defenders. As our guests tell us, both Still She Rises and The Bronx Defenders employ a "holistic defense" strategy regarding how they assist their clients. Our guests are Robin Steinberg, the Executive Director of Still She Rises, and Patrice James, who is its Director of External Relations.