ST Medical Monday: What We Do and Don't Currently Know About Sports Concussions

Oct 17, 2016

What, exactly, is a brain concussion? What causes one -- and what is happening to one's brain when a concussion occurs? Also, are concussions actually happening more often these days, or are medical and neurological professionals simply more sensitive to them -- or more aware of them? On this edition of ST Medical Monday, we speak with Dr. Eric Sherburn, who is on the faculty of the OU-TU School of Community Medicine, where he serves in the Department of Family Medicine and Sports Medicine. He's an expert on sports concussions, and he's a medical consultant to both Holland Hall School and TU in this regard; he's also an occasional advisor to the NFL regarding sports-triggered brain injuries. Dr. Sherburn will be speaking at the OU-Tulsa campus (at 41st and Yale) on November 14th as part of the Seed Sower Lecture series. More information at 918-660-3000.